Bulldog™ features for joint restraint

Easy Assembly
Assembly of the BullDog™ joint is similar to joining of the traditional Rieber-gasket PVC pipe joint. No external rods, clamps or bolts are needed! The restraint mechanism is activated by simply pushing the spigot into the bell of the adjoining pipe equipped with the BullDog™.

less Potential for Human Error
There are no nuts and bolts to tighten and there are no torques requirements to worry about.

No Corrosion
The minimal exposure of the BullDog™ joint restraint to the elements makes it significantly less prone to corrosion than external joint restraint devices. There are no rods and harnesses to corrode! The gripper ring and the ring casing are e-coated to protect these components from corrosion prior to installation.

Bulldog™ features for trenchless applications

Fused HDD piping options take much longer to assemble than the Bulldog.  Joint assembly of the Bulldog is quick and similar to conventional bell-and-spigot PVC pressure pipe.

The simplicity and speed of assembling the Bulldog joint makes the cartridge installation method for HDD available.  This is a key consideration in congested urban environments where there may not enough room to lay out the entire pipe string and pre-fuse it prior to the pullback.

Since PVC is the most popular material for buried water systems, utilities are quite familiar with the appurtenances needed for PVC water systems and have them readily available.  With the Bulldog, a utility can use its standard appurtenances.

Because the tensile strength of PVC is 2.5 times greater than that of the second most popular thermoplastic pipe material, PVC offers a much larger inside diameter for a given pressure class and outside diameter.  Thus, the Bulldog offers lower pumping costs over the life of the system.

Bulldog™ Assembly Instruction Video


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